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"The Estimate is the Rub"

shipping from Longwood, Florida Tularosa, New Mexico for $1,200.93

Longwood, Florida
Tularosa, New Mexico
1729 mi.

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It seems that movers and residential shippers use two different languages when estimating cargo volume. Home owners count boxes, furniture, appliances and so on and movers then equate those items into cubic foot volume based on some DOT software tool. The problem is the two items hardly ever match up and guess who always ends up underestimating and paying the difference? The worst abusers are the ones who estimate using weight because they'll low ball the estimate and load your stuff before telling you how much you'll owe them. For example, you'll fill out their forms on your cargo and they'll estimate weight. Next, they load the truck and tell you that your stuff weighs more than estimated. To unload the truck and cancel the deal will cost you! You are done in! The other abuser is the volume mover. You give them your cargo numbers, e.g., number of boxes, furniture and such and they say they'll do it for a certain price. But then, they appear at your door, sometimes subcontracting the project out to local shysters, and demand double or triple cost for the move. You have sent your move date with other dependencies, contracts, utilities and there they have you! You are done it! The beauty of this site is in the feedback. You can read what others have said and avoid the rip offs. This site also rewards the small business owner and independent operator. An honest person with a truck is all you need to move your stuff. The national movers are either overpriced or bait and switchers. But we really did find two guys on this website who moved our stuff 1800 miles without much problem. Just read the feedback and trust it.

- Ray D.
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