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"equipment delivery"

shipping from Hardeeville, South Carolina Brookville, Pennsylvania for $1,475.00

Hardeeville, South Carolina
Brookville, Pennsylvania
763 mi.

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Our shipping experience was a good one but it was a very interisting one also. the shipper we had was a very courtious and friendly one also. now down to the interisting part. the delivery was going flawlessly up intil the part were we had to unload it. First of all when the machine was picked up in south carolina it was about 65 degrees when the driver got to pa. it was about 5 degrees. Funny thing about cold weather and equipment things dont work like they are supposed to in the cold. The battery would not turn the engine over, the shifter levers would not work ( the cables connecting them had frozen in place) Not knowing this machine we proceded to move a lever into what felt like neutral position. we then hooked up jumper cable to the battery to boost the battery in the machine. Forgot to mention that the previous owner left the machine in reverse when he loaded it on to the trailer (automatic trans.) we hit the starter it fired, the motor felt like full throttel its moving backwards it climbs up over the rear axels of the trailer the blade caught the rear bulkhead of the trailer and thru the front of the machine off the side of the trailer into my brother's new truck the machine felt like it was going to roll over on to my son's suv i finally got to the kill switch and got it shut down "shaken" in my boots. I got out of the machine to check things out LUCKY no one got hurt. The only thing the truck driver was worried about was that no one got hurt (what a great guy) he waited till we got a heavy wrecker to lift the machine off of the trailer and thanked us for the bussiness. Other than the damage to my brothers truck and a bruised ego every thing came out good. Thanks U-ship for hooking us up with a great shipper and when we need shipping again we will be sure to hook up again. Thanks tmspeedway

- Audie G.
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