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"Burnt Tractor Shipment/Arrival"

shipping from Jericho, Vermont Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania for $499.45

Jericho, Vermont
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
575 mi.

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We accepted the bid for hauling a 2001 burnt Kubota tractor from joy4thelord, and scheduled it to arrive 2-7-09. Harry arrived, and we hitched the badly burnt tractor to a tree, to pull it off the trailer. Well, it was almost pure ice, almost, and we got ready to pull it off, and the tractor didn't want to move real we yanked, pulled, pushed, etc. Meanwhile Harry's vehicle was spinning on the ice, so I went and got my 4WD truck, and hitched to the side of the burnt tractor, and pulled it over to the side of the trailer so it would not damage his lights, etc. It ended up coming off the trailer then in a big splash of mud, and thud! It all came off the trailer in one price, what was left of it after being burnt. Got it all on video, quite a funny move, after it was all done. Snow was about 3 feet deep, ice, temps in the higher 40's, great day for such an "off loading".

- Kenneth C.