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"Player piano move"

shipping from Ridgecrest, California Salt Lake City, Utah for $275.00

Ridgecrest, California
Salt Lake City, Utah
672 mi.

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I am so glad to have my piano again, after 5 years! Honest moving lives up to its name! When you accept their bid, be sure to call the driver and let him know how far in advance you want him to notify you that he is about to arrive, and then he will call you. He has a good GPS and found our remote warehouse with no problem. We bid and made counter bids and they worked with us. I was confused when they doubled the bid because they said we had "floor", then I realized we had carpet and they wanted cement, so we had it in a garage for pickup and I found a restoration warehouse for delivery. They carefully strapped grandma's player piano in and covered it with heavy pads and have an excellent lift and dolly and they learned that player pianos are heavy, but they were experienced in maneuvering heavy things and had it unloaded in no time. They were friendly and courteous. I couldn't be more pleased at the way things turned out. I hope they had other deliveries along the way, or I am afraid they lost money on my shipment alone. I had no idea that they had such a big truck. I am afraid that gas alone cost $50 more than what I paid for this, and then there were the 2 drivers! I was in no hurry and could have waited until they had a truck full of deliveries, but they insisted on doing it right after Christmas. They even were ready to do it on Christmas, but I told them we couldn't because the warehouse was closed. Even then they didn't understand when I told them in English, then Spanish what days we couldn't do it, then I learned they were Chinese! Chinese are meticulous, so I had no worries! So, we were able to work things out so all would be there on the days they wanted and after that it was all good! Thank you for U-ship. I had bids from 5 different companies! I will recommend it to anyone, and Honest moving also! You do need to warn people that $20 will be added for your services, but it is worth it! How do I get my $10 rebate for first shipment?

- Janet M.