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"Shipping ATV from seller in Ohio To Wa. State"

shipping from Middletown, Ohio Selah, Washington for $420.00

Middletown, Ohio
Selah, Washington
2277 mi.

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My son bid on, & won a ATV in Ohio.. Spending so much on the ATV, we wanted to try & see what price he could get to deliver it.. Some wanted to have pads, pallets, and tie downs, for the ATV..With Strickly Business, they tied down the ATV inside the box van.. WE saved over $450.00 from other shippers that the seller had given us to contact...This was also when the price of fuel was going down, in Nov.08. I really liked how the USHIP got ahold of me, telling me that the bids had been offered, on my phone (cell),by calling on the cell phone, and by text message, and on the internet... They made sure that they got ahold of you, one way or another..So no matter if one way gets goofed up, they reach you another way!! 150% to you for COVERING ALL WAYS OF CONTACTS...USHIP!!!!! The owner of Strickly Business got ahold of me and kept me updated quite a few times...Although we needed to touch bases a few more times. The weather slowed down the delivery a couple of days.. We needed to communicate on the way they (SB)leave messages, and it happened to be by email... During that time, my internet got really bogged down, & it was crashing on me.. so I didn't realize I had a few emails from them..(I had 115 messages & didn't realize they used email primarily, & I didn't see their message). Make sure you email them (any shipper) on the cell phone, that way, they can always text you back on cell phone..It would have saved us alot of time, and miscommunication... I am glad to say, it arrived and I am glad that it is here...We had alot going on with picking up a son in Idaho, and Thanksgiving, plus birth of a new Grand Daughter born Nov.9, 08..It was a busy month... I would definately use USHIP again, now that I understand how it works now!!!!! Merry Christmas to all... Signed, a happy Mother of a son who loves his ATV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Betty S.
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