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"Three boats Dallas to Phoenix"

shipping from Dallas, Texas Scottsdale, Arizona for $900.00

Dallas, Texas
Scottsdale, Arizona
1083 mi.

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My dad gave me his 17' ski boat, a 14' sail boat and a 14' canoe as a wedding gift (and since he had sold his lake house). This left me with a dilemma, how to get the boats from Dallas to Phoenix without spending more than the boats are worth... The Ski boat and the sail boat both have good trailers and the canoe can be strapped to the sailboat or the top of a car so I decided to have a friend drive me out and tow one boat back and I would rent a truck in Dallas to tow the other boat... I estimated fuel from Phoenix to Dallas at about $200 the rental truck (by the way, no one will let you tow anything behind their vehicles except U-haul) was going to cost about $500 and since it only gets about 10 miles per gallon at the best of times I figured the gas for the return would run close to $600... I'm already at a cost of $1300 and I haven't figured on food or catastrophe yet, not to mention the joyless drive through the vast emptiness that is West Texas and my poor math skills. My boss suggested I try and find someone to drive them out for me... I thought why not check it out, I got online did a google search and found Uship... I put in a bid request, started receiving offers and my dad calls to tell me that there are about 9 boxes that need to go too... I cancel my original bid request, Uship was very helpful and understanding, and repost a new bid request. Within days I had accepted a bid for $900 with a carrier who was fully insured (more than I could have said) and was going to be driving through from OK City to California. I asked for and received copies of insurance and a letter of agreement and then all I had to do was sit back, relax and wait for my boats (and about 9 boxes) to arrive on time and in good condition. Thank you for saving me a fair chunk of money and a whole lot of headache. I couldn't be happier.

- Jeremy H.