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"A adventure to remember"

shipping from Rockport, Texas Grove, Oklahoma for $3,000.00

Rockport, Texas
Grove, Oklahoma
687 mi.

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I purchased a 1978 34 Uniflite sport sedan from my uncle at a great family price, however there was a catch, the boat was at Rockport TX, (just north of Corpis Christi), and I live in Northeast Oklahoma. Immediately I have to figure out how to move a boat that is at least twice the size of any boat I have owned before, and move it 700 miles. I did what all boaters do, I called a friend(Marius) who had moved his boat to get some idea on how to do it and learn who moved his boat. Marius didn't hesitate to help and knew what to do, go to he said, so I did, within in minites I had bids coming in. It wansn't long before I had a shipper that met the time frame and had the right equipment to move a boat of this size and the price was right! Moving day arrives, I drive to Rockport and with the help of my father in-law we get the fly bridge taken off and the boat pulled out of the water and cleaned. The shipper, (Mark) shows up at the perfect time and the boat gets loaded with extreme care and professionalism, and on the road it goes. Three days later the boat arrives and I hop on board to replace a thru hull valve that needs replacing before the boat is launched, do to corrosion. I start to remove the valve and of course it crumbles into pieces, to make things worse, the valve I had purchased to replace it is the wrong one, Murphy gets me everytime! I explain whats going on to the shipper, Mark, and even though he is in a hurry to head home for Thanksgiving, he says take your time, I locate a new valve, install it, and about a hour and a half the boat is headed for the water, Mark backs the boat into the water carefully, and finally the adventure is over, and a new adventure starts with many years of fun family outings to come!! Thanks to everyone who helped durring this adventure. Sharawn (wife), Jim (father in-law), Tom (uncle), Brian (brother), and of course and Mark(shipper). I would use uship agian, and saved about 1800.

- Eddie R.