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"my 2nd try @ shipment"

shipping from Racine, Wisconsin Seattle, Washington for $784.10

Racine, Wisconsin
Seattle, Washington
2028 mi.

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I began by buying 2 motorcycles without thinking of how to get them home. Uship was offered on the Ebay ad and I went for it. I received numerous bids, from $400-$1,700. I went with a company by the name of RCK Trucking aka: Uncle Fester, Richard Kirkland. After 3 weeks I was beginning to regret the whole purchase, and my better half was real upset at me. Richard Kirkland had me give him 50% up front for fuel costs, and it went South from there. Once he received my money his cell phone quit working. he wouldn't/couldn't give a delivery date. Excuse after excuse, I finally read his most recent feedback and 3 people were stating the same problems. I believe in 2nd chances, I gave him 4 chances.I asked for my money back and he just said "I don't have it" "I have no money period", and I don't know when or if I will. So I went back and listed the ad again. This is where the story really gets good. Numerous bids come in, I chose Texas Star Trucking. I explain what happened and didn't feel comfortable fronting him ANY MONEY. He agreed to do the delivery without ANY MONEY upfront, I repeat NO MONEY UPFRONT. I go back and cancel the first bid with RCK/Richard Kirkland, I decide to puy my feedback experience on his site. After being less than nice with my feedback I hit the send button and the feedback (which is very negative) misposts to the GOOD SHIPPER'S feedback AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!.Texas Star Trucking got a bad review that wasn't meant for him, and I couldn't change it. I contacted TST to explain the error on my part and people were already cancelling shipments with him. In my panic I called Uship, I spoke with a customer Rep. named Megan. I explained the whole mess and how I'm ruining TST's business and reputation. I offered to be banned for life from the site, Megan said that wouldn't be necessary. Short story long Megan @ Uship retracted my mispost, and to my AMAZEMENT, Texas Star Trucking is still going to ship my bikes. WOW!! what CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

- Melissa G.
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