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"First time shipping a vehicle"

shipping from Dallas, Texas Claremont, California for $400.00

Dallas, Texas
Claremont, California
1416 mi.

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My daughter got excellent midterm marks her first semester in college and convinced me she really needed her car, so my husband and I tried to figure out how we could get the car from Dallas to Los Angeles. He was willing to drive to El Paso, about half way, and B. claimed she could drive the remaining 800 miles by herself even though she'd never done a long haul drive. I was contemplating flying to El Paso and driving with her to LA. It turned out that this plan would involve overnight motel stays and a lot more time than we had. It would make sense for us to drive the car out with her over winter break, which DH had originally planned, but I'd already bought nonrefundable plane tickets for her Christmas visit back in the summer. Then DH asked about having the car shipped, and he'd found uShip online. I checked out a couple of other sites and posted a bid request on a couple. The responders from the other site wanted me to call them, and one even called me at work (I couldn't take the call), but the uShip responders asked questions and communicated by email. I posted the bid early in the week and was almost alarmed a couple of days later when Alliance Transport emailed, "Hey, we could pick up your car Friday!" Too soon to get ready! But the price was right, $400 for halfway across the country, and less than we would pay for gas + motel + airfare even if one of us had just driven it alone. Plus zero hassle factor. The pickup date ended up being the following Thursday and the car was delivered Friday around midnight; there were two drivers and they went straight through. I didn't expect to arrange a tranport so rapidly or so inexpensively; the only downside has been relatives disapproving of a college freshman having a car at all. UShip is an incredibly easy way to do this, even for a total novice-- and it's a fascinating glimpse into a different world, the machinery behind selling on EBay. Great site, great experience.

- Sarah J.
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