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"The trek of the rose quartz boulder"

shipping from Lubbock, Texas Boerne, Texas for $1,250.00

Lubbock, Texas
Boerne, Texas
356 mi.

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We shipped a 3000 pound rose quartz boulder from Lubbock to Boerne (over 300 miles)because my parents had gone into assisted living and their house was being sold. My parents bought this boulder in Canyon City, Colorado on a vacation in 1966, for $150. It sat in our yard for decades, the centerpiece of one of my mother's gardens. The value of it today would be about $10,000, but of course it was priceless in terms of memories. The uShip site was wonderful in terms of getting bids to ship. My sister had tried for many weeks to find any carrier for this item, to no avail. Some would not ship from residences; some wanted the rock already on a pallet or crated. I found uShip by Googling--you should advertise more! I've written about the carrier, Randy Cutlip. Randy is a good man who works hard to solve problems. Some of his problems stemmed from not having the right equipment available. He relied on family in his company (twenty-year old winch truck in Lubbock which died and had to be dragged out and then boosted with another truck to get the winch to work). In Boerne he did not have a winch truck and was planning to use his friends'forklift, but it was too small. He had to rent a larger one, and jury-rigged a carrying device involving a C-clamp to help tie the boulder's straps to the forklift. He couldn't get to exactly the right place in the garden, so he tipped the forklift forward; it was so tall it hit one of my sister's trees, jerking the C-clamp loose, and causing the boulder to drop six inches--fortunately landing unharmed. He and his helper and my brother-in-law then bulldogged it into position.

- Cecilia E.
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