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"Boat shipment"

shipping from West Point, New York Redding, California for $3,195.00

West Point, New York
Redding, California
2891 mi.

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Shipping my 29' boat from New York to California proved harder than I thought it would be, and took two and a half months longer than I had bargained for. It took two different shippers and a large outlay of cash to ship my boat but in the end I recieved it and that is what really matters. My advice to anyone shipping a boat is to ensure you have a good feeling about the shipping company and to immediately back out of the deal if something seems fishy- like a shipper demanding that you deposit a large sum of cash into their business account prior to pick up. Talk to the owner and driver of the company and ask questions, especially if you need your property in a timely manner. The shippers encounter all kinds of delays on the road, some that are out of their control like accidents, hurricanes, etc. Additionally, these ladies and gentlemen are on the road all the time and try to contract for multiple loads from place to place, meaning your delivery may have to take a long detour so the shipper can drop off or pick up someone else's property along the way. More cargo on one trip means more money for the shipper, but a longer wait for some customers. Many shippers carry cell phones, and will not answer every time you call (safety first!) but a good shipper, like Andre from Q-Ball Express, will call you back right away. Since many of them have several customers at once it makes it hard for them to call and update each customer on the load, so don't feel like you are bothering them when you call. If you are new to uShip, remember it is an online service provider, and will help you get through the shipping hurdles. If you end up in a dispute with a shipper, they will not get involved but will advise you on how to seek legal assistance. Overall my experience is mixed- I believe I got a fair deal financially from my second shipper, but I am still waiting for a deposit refund of $1,700 from my first shipper who will not answer my calls. I would use uShip again.

- Kurt W.