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"Get the word out guys!!!"

shipping from Port Saint Lucie, Florida Northeast, Pennsylvania for $1,106.34

Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Northeast, Pennsylvania
1198 mi.

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I spent 6 months trying to figure out how I was going to ship my "Monster Jeep" 1200 miles after I purchased it on ebay. I spent hrs, and hrs on line reading reviews, looking for transporters, compairing costs, etc, etc, ETC! It was becoming such a nitemare for me, I almost listed my beloved Jeep back on ebay! At one point I narrowed it down to a shipper (I thought) I could trust, only to find out when hiring them, I had made a huge mistake! The shipper had a similar name to the one I researched,just a letter or two switched. Had I stuck it out with these guys, it was possible I would never see my jeep, according to feedback and reviews from very unhappy customers.Some stories were so scary, I had bad dreams!!! I was at the end of my rope! I told myself, one more search last try...I found U Ship! I feel sooooo fortunate!!! It was so easy. I listed what I needed to ship, and the transporters came to me! Then I conveniently looked over thier reviews, and bids, picked one, and within two weeks my Jeep was pulling into the driveway! No hassles! No hidden costs! The broker I chose(poor guy!) had to deal with dammaged goods (ME!)But was so patient with me and my sceptism! As was the driver, a sweet, honest, reliable, hometown boy. I was put into such good hands, I was beside myself!!! Im not sure why it took me so long to find this service, but surely one as reputable as U- Ship should be recognised. In fact Im surprised ebay does not endorse it! I thank you U- Ship with a huge sigh of relief, and pats on the back! I will, and have allready recommended it to others. Get the word out! U- saved my sanity!!!!!!!Thank U So Much!! Sincerely, Trish

- Patrice A.
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