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"Superior Service"

shipping from Lima, Ohio Olympia, Washington for $1,850.00

Lima, Ohio
Olympia, Washington
2342 mi.

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As I tried to point out in my feedback, it was a pleasure working with Grant, and his driver, Neyrus. Neyrus helped me understand what it's like looking at our country from the perspective of someone who has seen so much more than the average jerk. I can't even imagine what his eyes have seen. And while we moan, he looks foreward. I salute his philosophy and integrity. Plus, he's got to be the most cautious driver alive: When he followed me out to my home, he did 20 mph, when the speed limit was 40. Bottom line: My historical truck, maybe one of kind, was delivered safely and unharmed. Though the truck's battery was DOA, luckily I had a brand new, fully charged 6 volt battery sitting on my bench. (How many people can say that?). Neyrus helped me accomplish a quick battery change and the job was done. As for Grant, he and I quickly gained a good rapport over the phone once we realized we shared a mutual devotion to our dogs, and indeed, twice when I called, he was at the park with his pooch. He declared that when someone is a "dog lover", they are a "man of character". A thought worth remembering. Grant is also an automotive hobbiest himself, and in my opinion, a true hobbiest makes for a person worthy of your trust and friendship. I came away from this experience feeling like Grant could become a friend, and I look forward to meeting him one day. The only "constructive criticism" I would offer would be to provide a tad better communication. For example: When the pickup date to collect the vehicle came and went, I finally called, only to find out the truck was loaded and two states away. I'm pretty sure I was told that I would be notified when pickup took place. Not a big deal, and Grant will be the first one I call when I need transport again. In the transport industry, I've found out there are talkers and there are doers. Grant is a DOER! And Grant: sorry for the measly tip for Neyrus, but you got all my $$$. So, slip him a C-note, eh?

- Dan K.
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