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"Autumn Romance Rekindled"

shipping from Conway, New Hampshire Key West, Florida for $365.00

Conway, New Hampshire
Key West, Florida
1787 mi.

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Last October I went to visit a friend in northern New Hampshire and watch the fall leaves change. I am an Arizonan so I am used to picturesque landscapes. However, I was unprepared for what I found in New England. To me it felt as if I had walked into a postcard of Americana. I had never even seen an apple orchard, walked the streets of a town over 100 years old, and had only seen photos of the fall foliage. While I was there, my buddy’s girlfriend’s mom asked if I could help get her 1980 Honda CM400T motorcycle running. Luckily I was able to. She was so thrilled to have her bike running again she offered to let me take it for a spin. What can I say, but I fell in love with that old bike. It was such an exciting experience to have that crisp New England air tugging at my scarf’s end as I motored through the hills blazing with the new autumn colors! I had never known so many shades of orange and red existed. She saw how much I enjoyed my ride and generously offered to let me keep the bike while I was in the area. It was one of those situations where I felt like I should be polite and refuse, but instead I jumped at the chance. Soon my fling was in full force as I put the miles on that old Honda. Unfortunately, as most flings do, it came to an end. She offered to sell the bike to me, but as I was returning to the West it was just too impractical for me to accept. Reluctantly, I left my new found affection sitting in a cold garage as I returned to the desert heat. Over the rest of the winter I would look back to those few weeks and smile. Such an exhilarating experience does not leave a persons memory easily. I found myself perusing the Sunday papers looking for a similar bike. Nothing was able to capture my fancy as well as that near antique Honda. Eventually, I took a new job, and the winds blew me to sunny Key West, Florida. Suddenly I found myself in this small, yet bustling city, crawling with scooters and tourists. I soon discovered that parking is a nightmarish ordeal, one that involves stuffing roles of coins into bloated parking meters just to get a few short moments of parking time. Meanwhile, I jealously watched all the scooter and motorcycle drivers’ park for free. As a plotter and schemer I continued the search for a fix to my motorcycle longing, and a solution to expensive parking meters. I sent an email to my buddy still up in New Hampshire. To my delight I discovered that the bike was indeed, still waiting for a new owner. This was also the same day I found myself glaring at the “MapQuest” website. I had sadly discovered that although on the same side of the country, Florida is not much closer to New Hampshire than, say Arizona. Thus my ultimate adventure scheme to drive the bike down was now gone. My visions of puttering around the Florida Keys on this classic cruiser where quickly evaporating in the humidity, unlike the sweat which now seemed to linger. In a last ditch effort to reunite myself with my two wheeled obsession I began searching for a shipping service that would bring this bike down to me. My faith began to falter as I watched the prices climb and climb. I happened across the website on many searches, but was reluctant to register for “free.” I just knew there must be a catch somewhere. Finally, desperation set in, and taking a chance I logged in. I was nearly sure a teenage hacker was now gleefully tapping into my checking account. Within minutes I had a contractor bidding on my shipment. The hacker fear was quickly subsiding, as I read through the many customer reviews of the service provider that had placed the bid. I emailed the owner of TLCRelocation, and after chatting back and forth settled on a very reasonable price. Just like that it was set up, and it was not scary after all! The TLCRelocation owner even made the pick up arrangements for me, and his driver went out of his way to arrange a safe drop off point as well. Now here it is 6 months later, and instead of nippy New England air, I’m ridding through tropical breezes looking out over turquoise water and sun-baked tourists. Thank you UShip Team for providing such an incredible service and Thank you TLCRelocation for rekindling an autumn romance.

- Eston J.
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