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"Shipping Done Right"

shipping from Chattahoochee, Florida Brady, Texas for $975.00

Chattahoochee, Florida
Brady, Texas
1006 mi.

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I could only wish it was as simple as saying these guys are highly recommended and great to do business with. The only problem with that would be, it simply wouldn't be fair to them or you. You see when everything goes as planned, it is very simple for a company like UShip to carry out their end of the shipping bargin. They have the experience and a proven track record. But here's what separates the men from the boys in the shipping business ... everything doesn't always go as planned. And when they don't you need someone who can take the bull by the horns and get the job done. I couldn't do this justice without dropping a name here, Tyler Sheff. As my UShip rep, Tyler knows his business. My shipping order involved moving a piece of agriculture equipment from Florida to Texas. And to no fault of Tyler's, we experienced just about every problem a shipper could dream of ... kinda a shippers nightmare! Tyler ran into problems with the guys who were to load the equipment and unfortunately the person I bought the equipment from. It was very discouraging. In the end, Tyler took care of everything and my equipment arrived safely and in one piece in Texas. Now it took a little longer than we all wanted it to, but when things don't go as planned, it will take a little longer. So, be patient and let Tyler do his job and you will be very satisfied. Bottom line ... whenever I have anything to ship, I just pickup the phone and call Tyler. End of story, he'll take care of it from there. Save yourself some time and head aches, let UShip take care of your shipping needs. Their rates are very competitive, they are professionals and are highly recommended. Mark Kyzer Downtown Rochelle Texas

- Mark K.
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