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"Didn't know Uship exsisted"

shipping from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey Atlantic City, New Jersey for $498.34

Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
Atlantic City, New Jersey
18 mi.

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I wake up real early on a saturday morning, (Never happens to me)and decide to read the papaer (again a rarity). I open it up to the section called the bargin box. The first thing i see is FREE BOAT!! Whoa, say what? Free Boat 30 foot, i call the number and a man answers and he tells me he has lots of calls already about it. I tell him "I'm on my way to look at it". He says " you don't even know where it is" I tell him " it don't matter I'm on my way" He laughs at me and tells me where the boat is, but tells me he cant meet me there till later in the day.No problem, i'm going to look at it anyway and told him I would call him back when i was at the boat. I did'nt even bother to look in the boat when i saw it, it was a cream puff and i wasnt going home till i knew it was mine!!! I called him back told him i wanted the boat. He was excited he was going to have it removed from his yard. We had a problem though, The Boat show was in town for the whole week and finding a trailer was next to impossible, as everyone i knew with a trailer that large was working the show. I tell the man this and he agrees to let me keep it in the yard till the end of the month. I give him a $500 to show i wont just leave this thing here. A few days later he calls to tell me the boat MUST GO NOW!!! or he would give me the $500 back and give the boat to someone else. I scramble and find Uship, I didnt know there was a site like this. But i'm so glad there is. Had i not found Uship, most likely i would not have my boat sitting in MY yard now!! Thank you, Uship and Thank you Robert from Boatcap for being there for me and getting this boat moved! You both have put me on the right track to having a GREAT summer!!

- Joseph W.