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"Sunbeam The Brittany Puppy"

shipping from Pamplin, Virginia Atlanta, Georgia for $200.00

Pamplin, Virginia
Atlanta, Georgia
486 mi.

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We found a wonderful owner for one of our pups born in January, but, we are in VA and they are in Atlanta, GA. With the gas prices and time at a premium, I checked into flying the puppy. I have never flown a puppy or used any other transport but myself or a trusted Brittany friend for what we call "Doggy Transport". I was nervous about it. I checked the airlines but could not readily get information. Plus, this would entail a drive to Richmond, get there 2 hours before the flight leaves, check the dog in baggage (watch them go down that conveyor belt:(), a health certificate within the past 24 hours is also needed. Then you pray about your dog until it finally gets to point "B". - well I just couldn't do that with a 10 week old puppy! Not to mention the canceled flights, lost baggage - Nope, not a good idea. So, online I went to Google "Transporting Dogs" and up came, so I checked it out. I followed the instructions online and created a listing. Within the hour, I had several responses with questions and a couple of actual bids. All but 2 were at my target price and those two were very close. PD Shipping transported Sunbeam the Brittany safely to Atlanta. They went well beyond any call of duty. The communication was excellent first by email and then by phone as the time drew near. D. J. picked up the dog, the truck was clean, in good repair and plenty of room for the puppy crate that he personally secured with a seatbelt. D. J. was kind and gentle to the pup and had a calm and understanding way about him - obviously an animal enthusiast! The pup arrived on time, happy & healthy to the new owners. They were thrilled with PD Shipping as well. I have no idea how much $$ I saved with the price of gas and the about a 15 hour round trip plus a hotel stay it has to be hundreds. What was great was the peace of mind we gained from the uShip web site, the feedback of other shippers and the stated cost. I'm gong to spread the word. Thanks,

- Linda O.
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