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"Uncle Jack's Furniture"

shipping from Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania Middletown, New York for $275.55

Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania
Middletown, New York
166 mi.

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My Uncle had passed away and there was some furniture that his daughter had given me. The deal was to get it out of the house when it sold..sounds easy enough. My Mom and Dad live about an hour away from her brother, my Uncle Jack. When the house sold, they told me I had to come within two weeks to get the furniture. They would help out by meeting us at his house since they are an hour and we are about 4 1/2. I, however, did not have the time to get there because I am a florist and was very busy with Easter and all. I started looking online and found The more I read about it the more I felt that this was something I could do and could afford. My parents, however, believed this was a scam..too good to be true..full of crooks and spent hours calling moving companies. They even called my cousin who owns a moving company and he told them all bad things about this type of thing BUT never even offered to help me out! I held my ground..accepted a bid from Paul with Executran Inc. and was never happier! I paid $240 which is priceless to me. My sister, on the other hand, who was also getting some furniture had to take off from work, hire a babysitter, rent a truck, drive 5 hours one way, pay for gas, pay for tolls, pay for milage, sleep over at my parents, and drive back 5 hours the next day. I don't know how much she paid but I'm sure it was more that me! Just think of all the time, energy and aggravation she spent while I worked a full day, came home, relaxed, made dinner and had a beer in the garage while waiting for Paul to show up (on time by the way). Yup..I'm gloating! And by the way...Paul impressed my parents and my Mom went as far as to call him "a Big Teddy Bear". So this morning I am sitting on my nice new chair and my sister is still 5 hours away from her house and still has to load up the rest of the truck and still drive home and still return the truck!

- Suzanne M.
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