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"Terrific Experience shipping my Boat"

shipping from Mogadore, Ohio Blaine, Washington for $2,400.00

Mogadore, Ohio
Blaine, Washington
2547 mi.

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Not all shippers are created equal; indeed, there are many who should choose a different occupation; and among that fraternity, those that should learn to keep their less than professional opinions and prejudices to them selves; genuine only in their disservice. Thankfully, there are those genuine Stars; persons maybe not doing the dream job but, just the same doing the right job for the right reason. These are the individuals deserving of respect; indeed, working hard and moving forward for success. Mark Shoenbeck; for example; is such an individual; honest, sincere and trustworthy in character; professional and efficient in service; a Star. On Uship it is not always about getting the cheapest rate; it is about getting the right balance; cost and value matched with service. In any event it takes a leap of faith based on what information is available; feedback and the comments that accompany it is a valuable tool in making a choice. Fortunately for us; we made the choice to use Mark Shoenbeck to tow our "new to us" 24ft boat some 2500 miles through all levels of terrain and weather from Ohio to the west coast. This kind of distance and the complicated terrain and unpredictable spring weather requires a person with knowledge and experience to plan and make the choices that lead to a successful haul. Mark did an outstanding job; exceeding all our expectations. We feared the worst; be got the best. After a time of not finding the right shipper and our schedule becoming critical; We chose to change the ad and use the book-it-now feature; so, in this sense Mark Chose us. However, there are requirements that the shipper must meet to qualify to use the book-it-now feature. Although not perfect; these minimum requirements help weed out some of the less desirable shippers. Our boat arrived safely, on schedule. Mark and his companion Bear Bear are a team; indeed. I am Rodger Lomas and this was my experience.

- Rod L.
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