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"EMI is fantastic!!"

shipping from Satellite Beach, Florida Saint Louis, Missouri for $1,650.00

Satellite Beach, Florida
Saint Louis, Missouri
1077 mi.

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Nick from EMI gave me a great price from the start and also agreed to be my contact in Florida where the boat was so i didnt have to make the trip down. Her starts the agonizing story, my boat had to be towed to a ramp and then wet loaded onto EMIs'trailer...atleast thats what we thought. The tow boat driver turned out to be a crook and took it to a ramp where he wasnt sure if it could be loaded...IT COULDNT. Then Nick from EMI had it towed back to a marina to have it lift loaded the next morning. While waiting for all of this to happen he winterized all the components at no extra charge. The next morning he had the boat lift loaded onto his trailer and found out the the boat was holding about 8000lbs of extra water. He then had to drain all that water and sit and wait for the boat to get closer to the normal weight. After all of this Nick and Phil finally got to get on the road, on the trip back they had to go through an ice storm and rain the whole way back but finally made it to St. Louis to deliver the boat. When they arrived they off-loaded the boat onto my blocks and stands in approx. 30min and they were done. EMI Transport is a first class shipping company who went way beyond to make my shipping experience easy and stress-free. When my boat was in their posession they treated it like it was theirs. I will use EMI again when i have my boat taken from dry storage to the lake. Nick, Phil and Mike all were extremely pleasant and very curtious on every phone call and also in person. If you have the chance to use EMI Transport it will be the smartest decision you will make. See you guys in April....hopefully!!! Thanks Guys, Jim Schulte

- Jim S.