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"Could I trust someone to bring my boxes across country at such a low asking price?"

shipping from Bosque Farms, New Mexico North Charleston, South Carolina for $187.00

Bosque Farms, New Mexico
North Charleston, South Carolina
1733 mi.

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Christmas came and left me and with 5 boxes of toys that I needed shipped from grandma's in New Mexico, to home in South Carolina. UPS wanted $349! Upon my quest to seek out a more reasonable price (most of the toys were garage sales items) I found a company that wanted $187. That sounded fair and I almost set aside the request I had put on But I decided to take a chance and put my highest bid at $187 and go for the $10 rebate. This was a risky chance I thought - "just pay the company so you don't have to worry about the boxes arriving" my husband said. When it comes to a deal I can't pass it up and thought Mr. Hain's customer feedback was great. Mr. Hain arrived at my mother's house and even let her throw in a Red Flyer Wagon that she had forgotten to pack for my 2 and 3yr old. My mom called me as soon as Mr. Hain left and told me how 'nice' and 'professional' he was. After hearing that I knew I would continue to do business through UShip. Mr. Hain arrived at my house in SC and didn't let my 6"6' tall husband help with any of the boxes. Thank you for your great quality control UShip and thank you Mr. Hain for saving me lots of money and worries - and bringing my sons the red flyer wagon at the last minute.

- Gilberta B.
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