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"very good shipping experience with jtdoswell, was 1/4 of the cost of fed-x, and ups"

shipping from Elizabeth City, North Carolina Watertown, New York for $300.00

Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Watertown, New York
623 mi.

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i had a plow and frame that i bought off ebay, then after we agreed on a price, i had won some more stuff off ebay (complete jeep drive-terrian) in m.a. that were 2 states away and a little out of the way of the plow, i had asked how much extra and he told me he'll grab it at no extra charge, but will need to stop and stay the night some place if i add this extra stop in, that was fine for me. jtdoswell (john) was very nice, in my listing i had just asked for a driver to get my stuff from s.c. and deliver to n.y. i figured i did'nt need any one to load it or unload it,(i was wrong), and it'd be a stright drive, when i had listed my shipment i put up a book-it-now price that i had thought was a joke (less than gas 1 way for me and 1/4 of what i had thought i could get it for) but never the less jtdoswell (john) accepeted the bid!!! and on top of that after the paper work i had bought some more stuff in another state and had asked how much extra to get that stuff, he said he'd grab it at no extra charge, but i would have to wait an extra day because of the extra driving, that was no big deal for me. when he got to my house he unloaded it all and even put it away for me, than for the best part he charged me $100 less than we agreed for a price because he found a shorter way than i did using map quest, i now love uship and will deffintly use again, no problems went like clockwork!!! thanks uship

- Chas K.
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