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"The Importance of Shapely Calf Muscles"

shipping from Tampa, Florida Trenton, New Jersey for $195.00

Tampa, Florida
Trenton, New Jersey
1112 mi.

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Ah, the wonders of the internet! Late night, surfing around, I happened across a craigslist ad for a calf muscle weight-training machine. Not just any calf machine but, au contraire mon ami, a one-and-only Hammer Strength brand apparatus. What luck! What joy! What a burn my calf muscles were in for! But wait. Oh dear...said machine is in...Tampa? According to Google maps, an insurmountable 1108 miles away. What to do? Drive down myself and haul it back? I look at the Mini Cooper and it looks back at me as if to say, "Don't even think about it!" After all, the calf machine weighs 380 pounds. Federal Express quotes a charge of $1057! For the love of god, the machine only cost $400! Dreams dashed yet again. But what the internet taketh away, it also bringeth back in the form of uShip. Click, click, posted the ad right quick and within two days, four (4!) offers to unite me with my newfound love, all for a paltry $200! Fast forward, my calf machine is with me and I've never been more shapely! No pain, no gain? I beg to differ. Thanks uShip!

- James E.
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