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shipping from Irvine, California Seabrook, New Hampshire for $700.00

Irvine, California
Seabrook, New Hampshire
3024 mi.

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I'd recently moved from California to New Hampshire for a new job, but still had some stuff in a CA storage unit: book and files boxes, that kind of thing. Shipping a box at a time was cost-prohibitive, and initial inquiries with regular movers yielded ridiculous prices in the thousands. And remember, this stuff isn't worth anything - it was mostly just documents I have to keep for tax purposes. So I bought two pallets from Home Depot, got some stretchwrap, and palleted up my load. I did some research and knew that LTL would be the way to go, but I'm not a pro shipper - and I'd read horror stories about people whose shipments got re-classified, or their got "held to ransom" until they paid extra hefty fees. I was working on a very limited budget, so I checked with a service I found on eBay (freightquote) and they wanted $1400. Still too much. A shipping pro I knew said it should be costing about $700. And that's when I found uShip. "What a great idea", I thought: "shippers have empty space they'd rather discount than leave empty, and they'll bid just like eBay, except with the price going down". Well I'd done a lot of eBay and so I liked the ShipItNow feature. I also liked that I could post pictures and provide a complete and transparent description, so my prospective shipper would have no surprises and the quote would be precisely correct (and protected from reclassification). I knew what my budget was, so I put $700 in as what I'd pay and posted the listing. Within a few hours I had the initial higher bids, but within a day Sherm at Treasure Coast shipping had accepted my offer and we had a match! The load got picked up from my friend's garage in CA a few days later and arrived in my new home, over 3000 miles away, in just over a week. Absolutely fantastic!! No problems!! Oh, and one more thing: I sent four boxes that wouldn't fit on the pallets, two by UPS and two by USPS. One of each sustained damage. With uSHip, not a mark on anything!!

- David M.
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