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"Making an old woman happy...."

shipping from Luna Pier, Michigan Columbia, South Carolina for $229.62

Luna Pier, Michigan
Columbia, South Carolina
663 mi.

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My mother, who is nearly 80 years old, recently left her lifelong home in Michigan to live with me in South Carolina. She was in poor health, suffering from heart disease and complete kidney failure that required several dialysis treatments every day to survive. The decision was made to bring only the necessities with her, leaving all her treasured possessions in a storage unit in Michigan. Miraculously, her health has improved and she has made the decision to stay in South Carolina permanently. The task at hand then was to find a way to reunite her with the things that she had left behind - things that represented a lifetime of memories. We commissioned two of her granddaughters to load the boxes onto pallets and give us a tally of how many pallets and how much they weighed. While searching for a freight company to haul it here, I stumbled onto Uship. Based on the information we had been given, I posted our shipment for bids. Almost immediately, we received a bid from a shipper who lives in South Carolina who happened to be delivering a shipment to Michigan and would be traveling right through the town where Mom's things were stored. (Talk about providence!) We happily accepted his bid. When he arrived in Michigan the next day, he discovered that the information we had was totally inaccurate. Instead of 3 pallets with a total weight of 200 pounds, he found 3 pallets weighing over 200 pounds EACH! They could not be lifted without a forklift! After several distraught conversations, this shipper found a neighboring business with a forklift who was willing to load it, took special care to make sure it was tarped down and secure on his trailer, and arrived here the next morning. Since we have no forklift at this end, it had to be unloaded box by box. Without the help of him and his wife, it would have taken me all day to get it done. What might have been a horror story became a happy ending, thanks to this shipper. And a little old lady has a smile on her face again.

- Wendy A.
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