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"Shipping from another world"

shipping from Sparta, Michigan Long Beach, California for $450.00

Sparta, Michigan
Long Beach, California
2203 mi.

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I live in Australia and got a great deal on 2 flat track bikes and motors/parts, but i had no idea how to get them from one side of the states to the other,(over 3,000 miles). I contacted a few regular bike transporters and when they came back with $600 per bike and no parts shipped the whole deal was going bad, the seller was stressing and i could see a great Buy getting away. I kept asking on forums if any one had any ideas on realistic transportation, someone interstate that could get it closer to my shipper in LA..... nothing . Then someone posted a link to Uship, i looked through the site and couldnt belive my luck , could this actually work ? it seemed too logical, people looking to backload and pay for their petrol by picking up jobs, how obvious, but how do you find the right person ? UShip it ! i posted up my items and went to great length to explain it was an offer to move 2 bikes and parts, that i wanted a complete price and no surprises. within 24 hours i had been offer a great deal, accepted, gave them collection details and told the guy to deal direct with the seller, as i had no idea where anything was ( im in Australia) i thought it may have been a little risky , but i looked at the Ushippers feedback and took hope in the number of positive feedback he had, the guy could have stuck me and taken my goods and on the otherside of the world what could i have done ? nothing and been $5k worse off. SO based on his great feedback and the professional layout of the uship site, i though this might just work ! Guy picked up the stuff, drove it to a timeline, followed the drop off instructions to the letter, left the correct paperwork with customs, everything went better than planned, agreed to pay by paypal (no exchange rate issues) how easy was this ! I will be recommending to all my fellow Vintage motorx'ers here in Australia the uShip site and how easy it is to use and how easy it is to be matched up with a great Ushipper who is priced fair !

- Kerry M.
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