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"Awesome job shipping my horse!!! I will DEFINITELY use them again. Thank you Sherry. Job well done!!"

shipping from Wendover, Nevada Silver Springs, Nevada for $200.00

Wendover, Nevada
Silver Springs, Nevada
380 mi.

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Sherry was the transporter for my horse, and I have to say, she is terrific. I think most people would have just given up after what she went through, being sold the wrong alternator when hers went out, and making 200 miles of the trip with this faulty alternator, with all the stress and added complications she had because of it, yet my horse AND the other 3, were and are, in excellent condition, and seem to be perfectly happy and content. Sherry has spent the last 2 days at my home while waiting for a new alternator, so I have gotten to know her somewhat, and I have to say that she has gone above and beyond what I think most other transporters would have done to see to the comfort of the other horses in her care. They had plenty of food and water, exercise, and attention. Sometimes unforseen circumstances can keep people from fulfilling their obligations to customers satisfaction. I know that it is hard to contain our impatience when we are waiting to get our animals, but sometimes things can't always work out the way we want them to, to the fault of no one, except maybe fate. I hope that the other customers who had their horses shipped the same time I did, will realize that they are in extremely capable hands and are being very well taken care of by Sherry. She is extremely compitent when it comes to hauling these horses. And just to clarify, I have never met Sherry before this, and this is how I truly feel. I want everyone to know I couldn't have asked for a better hauler, and I don't think I would have wanted someone else hauling my horse in a situation like this. Sherry is actually out of pocket due to the breakdown of her vehicle after hauling these horses, because of having to pay twice for the alternator, and the labor each time it was put in. I hope that the other customers who are waiting for their horses will be at ease knowing that their horses were getting excellent care in what could have been a bad situation with another hauler. moonspirit

- Kim C.