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"The best shipping experience YET [ and I have had MANY !! ]"

shipping from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada for $919.00

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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Driver 35 brought home to me a 1950 Daimler Empress RHD that the Queen Mary is seen driving in history pictures. It is an all aluminum body. It sounds foolish, but I bought this car BY ACCIDENT !! WIves never will swallow THIS story, but it is totally true. I was trying to help a small ON LINE auction house get more interest in some of their cars, knowing that the Empress was so far away from a winning bid, that I just bid a little, and then a little more. Suddenly, the auction owner e-mailed all bidders with the news that, due to health issues, the consignor dropped his reserve completely, and had to sell.
You should have heard the build up to my reasoning when I had to tell my wife.AT first it was a smug look of disbelief, but when she saw the pics. of the car, she melted.The car was in Winnipeg, and we are in Calgary, and I had to get it out of storage asap !!!
Driver 35 was my second saving grace, as he made it all happen without a glitch !! Not only will I use uShip again, but I will ask for the same driver! He was the best, and plus HE loved my car as well. He told me it brought all kinds of attention to his rig, which becomes FREE advertising for him and his company.r> I have over 60 project cars, and will have to live to about 300 in order to get them done, but the EMPRESS will be bumped to the front of the line. It is SO SWEET !! Even the consignor was a good, and honest seller, and was very helpful in getting some stray parts to me, AFTER the fact !! He drove from Vanc. Island to meet me in Delta, B.C., while I was trying to organize my shipping from Winnipeg to Calgary !
It was quite an adventure. All for a car that I really liked, but had no plans of ever owning !! Well, as the saying goes: " LAST WEEK, I COULDN'T SPELL DAIMLER, THIS WEEK, I OWN ONE ".
To anyone who would like to see pics. of the gem, you may [email removed]r> Cheers to all you car fanatics, and I hope the feeling never leaves you !!
Rick B. in Balzac, Alberta

- richbois
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