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"Boat delivered 2000 miles as if it were his own."

shipping from Chazy, New York Austin, Texas for $998.93

Chazy, New York
Austin, Texas
1947 mi.

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My boat was purchased sight unseen 2000 miles away. I was already nervous about that. I recieved a great bid from Frank Hagwood, (windinhair) the service provider, who was in the region, but several hundred miles away. His bid was 1/4 to 1/3 of other estimates I recieved outside of U-ship. I was nervous that Frank had no U-ship experience, but I took the advise from the U-ship Community Forum to request certain information. He stated he could fax all the info I requested. He took it upon himself to stay in the area for a couple days to see if his bid would be accepted when the boat purchase was final. I accepted his bid and we worked out the details. I then learned a friend of mine needed a smaller item delivered from the same area. Frank told me to tell them to list it on U-ship, so my friend listed it and Frank provided a bid on it and my friend accepted. When Frank went to pick up my boat, he found that the boat trailer needed some modifications for safe transport and worked it out with the seller on his own and he told me about it when the boat arrived. During the trip he faced bad weather and the boat's shrink wrap came loose. He communicated it to me and took care of the issue and protected the boat. The boat and my friends item arrived as promised. I think that U-ship has created a great conduit for less expensive transport and higher customer service since many of the transporters have ownership in the process. I can see U-ship becoming a household name. I'm already planning to move my moms apartment through U-ship. I also have signed up as a service provider in case I'm going to travel and can transport something small for someone. I'm sold.

- pfau123