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"cbullard (Con-Lei) was awesome for shipping my bike"

shipping from Pompano Beach, Florida Herndon, Virginia for $370.70

Pompano Beach, Florida
Herndon, Virginia
1038 mi.

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I bought a bike in FL from a private party and needed it shipped to VA. I only had enough time to purchase the bike and get home and shipping via Forward Air. The seller recommended getting bids online just to see what was out there. With Forward Air, the bike would need to be drained and taken to the airport. On the other end, I'd have to pick up at the airport. I posted and immediately had several bids. Con-Lei was priced very nicely and was $275 less than FwdAir PLUS the bike would be picked up and dropped off at residences and nothing would have to be drained. FwdAir lead time was 2 weeks while Con-Lei was available to pick up that same week. The guys were so incredibly helpful. The bike arrived a day earlier than expected. The first thing they did was ask if I knew how much bike I had there. 1000cc Ducati for a 5'5 female. Their concern was nice and reminded me of the guy at the bike shop that refused to sell me my first bike because like a moron, I wanted more than I could handle. I ended up buying a smaller bike and making a great friend. I have much more respect for someone who puts a riders safety before sales figures than a shameless salesman who just sells whatever will make them their commission. Because our neighborhood has smaller streets and the truck was a total of 90ft, we agreed that a nearby shopping center was the best place to meet. While my roommate went back to the house to get me a helmet and gloves (I was coming directly from work) they waited with me to make sure I was safe. It was 10:30pm. I got to talking with them and they had their own bikes in the back of the truck. They had done some riding while down in FL. You KNOW if they're hauling their own bikes around in the same space, they're going to make sure everything is tied down properly. I saw wheel chocks inside and everything was super clean. I was impressed with every aspect of the move. I'd highly recommend these guys if they ever bid on your shipment.

- Jo C.
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