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"Exceptional Shipping Service Provided by Chrisship and Co.–My boat was delivered 4 days ahead of Sch"

shipping from Freeport, New York Los Angeles, California for $3,700.01

Freeport, New York
Los Angeles, California
2821 mi.

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I can’t say enough good things about ChrisShip and Universal Dynamics. Believe me; I tried (2000 charac.Max). I’ll start with the low price my boat was hauled for. The winning bid went to ChrisShip for the incredibly low price of 3700. Mind you, he was hauling a 28’ boat w/a 10.5’ beam which req. wideload permits (anything wider than 8.6 ft).Total boat weight–8500+lbs w/its 1600+lbs trailer. The trailer had not yet been registered. You can still transport vessels on it but (you guess it) you need purchase a transport tag for it. What Uship, AN EXCEPTIONAL SHIPPING WEBSITE, doesn’t to make perfectly clear is who incurs the finder’s fee. That cost goes to the Service Provider. Some Providers make it clear they want the shipper to incur the fee; Not Chris. The fee for a 3700 bid was $234.30-The total coming to Chris and company was 3465.70. When Chris says “There are NO hidden fees or extra charges. NO EXTRA MILAGE FEES, NO EXTRA LOADING OR UNLOADING FEES, NO EXTRA COMPANY FEES, NO EXTRA FUEL CHARGES,NO EXTRA WAITING TIME FEES, ETC “ by golly, that’s money in the bank, literally!! Even when, . . say the marina neglects to tell you it raining and 2000+lbs of water had to be pumped out at pick up time. My boat and trailer where covered 100 percent for loss or damages at no extra cost! I was quoted by various other shipping company as much as 2.50 at mile (from Freeport, NY to Los Angeles, CA=2900 miles). If I hadn’t found ChrisShip at Uship I would’ve been out an average of $4500. To avoid slip rent for September, I needed my boat to be out of the marina before the end of August. Now, you can plan something to death but you’ll always have unknown variables that’ll put a huge kink in your plans, like a problems with vehicles, or drivers calling in sick ect. With the small shipping window, Chris confirmed a p/u date. A conflict arose, and although it ended up not being necessary, Chris offered to pay the marine the due slip fee. You cannot go wrong with ChrisShip!!!!!!!!!!

- Jaime I.
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