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"A bad experience made right."

shipping from York, South Carolina Bend, Oregon for $2,486.99

York, South Carolina
Bend, Oregon
2634 mi.

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What I thought was going to turn into a horrible first time shipping experience turned out perfect because a perfect stranger stepped up to the plate and hit one out of the park. Against my friends recommendations, I bought a boat on the opposite coast, over 2600 miles away. A great price, but, how do I get it home? uShip of course. It was easy! I posted my info and within minutes, I had numerous prices to choose from. I picked one that I felt confident in and boom, it was done. Well, I thought it was done. Scheduling conflicts continued to delay shipment until finally it looked to be done. Finally, after being patient, it would only be a couple more days until pick up. But, uh-oh, the shipper injured himself on his last delivery. He was going to be down for at least 2 weeks. Well, I've waited this long for him, I suppose I could wait a little longer. 2 weeks turned to 4, 4 to 6, until finally, "I'm on my way". Or was he? No answer, was he hurt? No answer. Maybe I should check his profile. That's odd, he's got current feedback. Somebodies happy with him, but, that delivery should have been mine. I noticed others with the same problem as mine. Why haven't I heard from him? Well, I can't be taken for any longer, I need to find someone that will do this. But, not only have I been taken for the $200+ deposit, I'm sure to pay more for the shipping costs now that gas prices have increased. But wait, Roger Miles to the rescue. "I can ship for you, and it won't cost much more than you wanted to pay!" Better yet, "I can pick it up tommorrow!" Where were you 3 months ago? Suddenly, what seemed horrible became a dream and before I new it, I had what I was longing for, a good experience. Now, if I could just get that deposit back.

- topnotchbuilding
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