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"Germany to UK bicycle shipment"

shipping from Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Bath, BA2 7JY, United Kingdom for $167.80

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Bath, BA2 7JY, United Kingdom
487 mi.

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I wanted to send a bike I bought in Germany to the UK and started looking at all the ususal parcel services to find that it was going to be extremely expensive so I came to uShip via I photographed the bike manufacturer's box, measured it, put the measurements on the photo and weighed it on the bathroom scales. 25Kg. I went onto uShip and put in the details and described the job. Pro tip : Putting a clear picture of the item to ship with accurate measurements and weights makes the job much easier for shippers to asses. Do this _first_ so you can get serious bidders to start offering. From the shippers perspective, it means they can work out their margin on the job straight away and then bid the right price for the job. EB Cargo came up with the second lowest price and so they contacted me and arranged the shipment. TNT picked up the item and it was delivered three days later as promised in A1 condition. My son gets a new bike and I get a medal the size of a frying pan for being a great Dad. For this week anyway. As an aside, there's a point to be made about language use by shippers bidding. Poor grammar, punctuation and spelling almost certainly hinders your customer impression. It would be interesting to compare the data, say number of spelling mistakes in each bid message from shippers against who the customer selects. I'd say that would reveal quite an interesting perspective. I digress. All in all, the whole experience was positive and I would use this service again.

- Morgan C.
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