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"Shippers Big Adventure"

shipping from Silver Creek, New York Campbell, California for $1,800.00

Silver Creek, New York
Campbell, California
2650 mi.

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:Whistling:This story is about the shipment of 45 antique fire hydrants weighing 6500 pounds from New York to California.  Four bids were received. The range from low bid to high bid was about $300.00. The shipper selected was chosen based on two factors, one was his 100% feedback rating, and the other was price. As agreed to time and place, the shipper met me in New York to load the fire hydrants. The shipper showed up with a Ford F-150 pickup to transport the 6500 pounds of fire hydrants. As nearly everyone knows, a Ford F-150 pickup is considered a 1/2 ton (1000 pounds) capacity pickup, however according to the owners manual has a 10,000 pound gross vehicle rating when pulling a trailer. So, the shipper went to Uhaul and rented the smallest two wheel enclosed trailer available with the agreement that it was to be used and returned locally. When the shipper returned with the small trailer, he assured us that he knew what he was doing despite the fact that it had no brakes and was rated at 2000 pounds. We proceeded to load about 5000 pounds into the trailer and the remaining 1500 pounds into the pickup truck. I then gave the shipper the agreed down payment in cash, and he left New York about noon on Monday headed to California. On Tuesday, I called the shipper to see where he was and how things were going. He replied that he was in Ohio and had a blow-out on the trailer. Uhaul came out and replaced the trailer tire. On Wednesday, I called again to check progress and received no answer. On Thursday morning, I called again and still no answer. By now I'm getting a little worried. Thursday evening, I called and still no answer. Now I'm really worried. Did the shipper get in an accident? Is the shipper in the hospital? Did the trailer get ahead of the pickup? Did the shipper abandon the job? Friday morning, another call and no reply. Finally, Friday afternoon, I get a call. The shipper is in Salt Lake City. His cell phone didn't work in the middle of the country. He had another blowout on the trailer and switched the contents to a larger trailer. The new trailer has four wheels and brakes. The shipper arrived in California at 7 PM on Saturday where my sons helped unload and paid the balance owed plus a $100.00 tip. The trailer bearings were making a horrible grinding sound as the shipper drove away.

- Terry B.