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"Shipment of a 71 Corvette Stingray"

shipping from Naperville, Illinois Hampshire, UK, United Kingdom for $2,304.48

Naperville, Illinois
Hampshire, UK, United Kingdom
3933 mi.

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I found a very nice 71 Corvette Stingray on Ebay, it was a bit of a risk as I hadnt seen it in the flesh, but the seller was a dealer & he supplied me with plenty of photos. I decided to call him & had a good long chat about the vehicle, so my mind was put to rest. A deal was struck up. Next was shipping!!!! Where to go? I tried uShip... so easy, just put in pick up details & drop off details & uShip do the rest. Information is put out to tender & then the quotes come directly back to you. Its then your choice of who to choose. I chose T.J. Golbal, they gave a good price & had some great reviews... What could go wrong.... Well I can actually say NOTHING went wrong. I was pleased with everything. Never having done this sort of thing before I was a little nervous. T.J. even took care of the import duties paperwork too (at a little extra cost, but I was happy to pay that) My lovely 71 Vette was delivered & it didn't dissapoint. Now it's my job to get it MoT's, taxed, & registered for UK use... Exciting times ahead. Thank you to everyone involved (uShip for sorting out tenders, T.J> Global Corp for shipping it & keeping it safe & Jo at Napperville Auto Haus, Napperville IL, USA for being honest & selling me the car)

- Chris R.
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