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"My 1977 Zenith console TV"

shipping from Brooklyn, New York Rochester, New York for $400.00

Brooklyn, New York
Rochester, New York
319 mi.

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For over a year and a half I have been searching for a replacement for my 1977 Zenith console TV, which was nearing the loss of its last pixel.  It was a depressingly fruitless search, as the company discontinued the newest model in March 2005. ; They were as scarce as hen's teeth as we farmers would say - chickens don't ;HAVE teeth.  I really dislike the new style of TV - all silver and black and futuristic, like something left over from the set of Star Wars. ; Any of them would be a glaring and very unwelcome "sore thumb" sticking out amidst the warm tones of maple, walnut, cherry, and pine furniture in my living room. ; I most decidedly wanted another piece of beautiful wood furniture, which just happened to be a TV as well. ; My search ended this past month when I found one in perfect condition on Amazon.  The only catch was the TV was in Brooklyn, I live in western NYS, and I was responsible for getting it shipped.  I didn't have much time because the TV might be sold at any minute to someone else, ;but I wasn't going to plunk down a sizeable portion of my retirement income unless I could find a reputable and affordable mover.V>
<DIV>After spending 3 solid days searching the Internet, and talking to dozens of moving companies, I decided I just couldn't afford it. &nbsp;All of them wanted $1200 - $2000+ to move 150 lbs. about 400 miles!&nbsp; The Amazon seller and I had been in constant communication and he knew how much I really wanted that TV. &nbsp;I explained my predicament to him and he suggested a company he had used frequently.  Their price was also out of my range, so then he suggested uShip.V>
<DIV>Though a little wary of scams, identity theft, and / or having the TV arrive&nbsp;seriously damaged,&nbsp;I checked out the website and then I searched the Internet for negative reports - found nothing but recommendations.&nbsp; Hey!  If the Wall Street Journal says uShip is ok, then it's fine by me.  I listed my shipment and 7 bids were posted almost immediately. &nbsp; I read the feedback and searched the stories for the 4 that I was considering. &nbsp;My instincts, gut feeling, sixth sense, or woman's intuition (take your pick) told me to choose Erie Trucking Company (erie3) and I am delighted to report that after several decades of being told by my mother "If it sounds too good to be true, it is" I finally found the exception.  Gary and Joanne Job were instantly responsive to my many questions, very patient with my difficulty in getting the essential details from the seller, and in frequent communication through email and phone calls.&nbsp; They both have a wonderful sense of humor and I LIKE folks with a good sense of humor.&nbsp; During our 1st phone conversation, when I told Gary that I was looking forward to finally seeing the Sunday football game clearly, he chuckled and replied "Your team is losing 0-17."&nbsp; He also said that he would root for the Bills ;for me since the game was blacked out in my area. ; His support must have helped - the Bills rallied and only lost 21-24.&nbsp;  Gary promised I would have my new TV in time for the coming weekend.&nbsp;  V>
<DIV>Throughout the whole process, including the trip upstate,&nbsp;erie3 kept me informed by phone as to where they were and how things were progressing.  When they arrived - on time as scheduled - the TV was thoroughly wrapped&nbsp;in thick blankets and wrapped securely with strapping tape. ; After Gary got the TV in place he told me that part of the service was to make sure the TV worked.&nbsp; He patiently untangled the pile of "spaghetti" and got the TV working properly with the cable box.  Then he gave me the added courtesy of removing my old TV to the garage.&nbsp; It was a real pleasure to meet the people of erie3 and I found them not only to be highly professional and careful movers, but honest, friendly, and "gold" folks, as my grandmother used to say.  I would recommend them to anybody for moving anything to anywhere, and if I ever need a mover again, I will contact erie3 in a NY minute!IV>
Shortly after they left, and I could tear myself away from my gorgeous TV, I realized I couldn't find the TV remote.&nbsp; I called them and Joanne walked me through a repeat of my actions after I had removed the bubble wrap from the remote.&nbsp; She waited while I checked a bunch of other possible places, but no luck. ; Her last suggestion was to check in the fridge - I may have put it on a shelf when I took out their "picnic lunch."&nbsp; When I called her back a few minutes later, to tell her she was absolutely right, she laughed when I asked her how she knew. ; She asked me if I ever absentmindedly put the cereal in the oven and the milk in the cupboard.&nbsp; "YES!" I exclaimed. &nbsp;We both roared with laughter.&nbsp; Not only did erie3 give me a wonderful 1st experience with uShip in every way imaginable - they're mind readers!&nbsp; 

- Elizabeth S.
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