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"reunited with 2 loveable kitties"

shipping from Austin, Texas Los Angeles, California for $300.00

Austin, Texas
Los Angeles, California
1380 mi.

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When I moved out to California in June of 2010 I couldn't bring my 6 year old Tabby, Bella or my 2 year old Siamese, Luke. I had to leave them behind with my not so thrilled family while I shopped for apartments and then saved up the small fortune to ship them out. Not only was I worried about finding a way to ship them but I had no idea what to expect the cost to be. Finally my mom (in an effort to reunite me with my cat's because the youngest had gotten sick) decided to bring them with her on a vacation trip out to visit me. She realized really quickly that the convenience of flight was going to involve a ton of headache and had me reinstate a former ad on Uship that I had started prior to the move. Within 24 hours I had a bid that matched my offer from Al and Diego Pace of FastPace. Not only did they match my bid immediately (which was originally meant to beat the flight cost) but they sent me a email that communicated to me who they were, and why they wanted to help. After discussing it with my mom, we accepted the bid. Before an hour had passed Al was calling me up to verify all the details. We remained in close contact over the next 48 hours. He picked up my babies at noon on Weds....and were waiting outside my house when I got out of work the next day. Not only were they incredibly professional and accommodating but they were funny and personable as well. On the road Al shared an anecdote with me about how one of my cat's, the Tabby, would start to meow whenever they would change the music from Jazz. They are clearly animal enthusiasts and should be trusted with everybodies babes. Using Uship we probably saved 1 to 2 hundred dollars. We stopped calculating after a while with the flight issues. I would definitely use Uship the next time I am in the position where I absolutely had to leave my kitties behind...however because of the 4 months I had without them, I hope that doesn't happen again.

- Emily B.