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"the cardboard palace is now in its new place"

shipping from Alachua, Florida Columbia, Missouri for $875.00

Alachua, Florida
Columbia, Missouri
1000 mi.

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my move originated from within a storage unit, located in north central florida. the storage space housed the combined contents of my residence and art studio, placed there when i had relocated to mid-central missouri. to be honest, i was not quite sure of how to post the listing. many items in my possession were not found on traditional moving lists--but valuable to me, nonetheless. in my search for someone to deliver the goods, i found my way to uship. i placed the offer out there, with a deadline (to coincide with the final month of storage unit rental and my trip to florida) and received a very reasonable bid from bowtieguy96. not only did this make a difference financially, the idea of the type of service, and that they were willing to work with non-traditional items was a major selling point. so i asked the questions i knew to ask (with little experience in moving, but knowing what i needed to have happen) and received the responses i was looking for, and a target date. and so. . . i went to florida and hoped to meet them there for the pickup, but due to circumstances beyond control that didn't occur. however, they stayed in contact and assured me that they would be on their way--even with the additional obstacle of a broken ankle. although i was disappointed not to get to meet them there, and to not have to rely on friends to take care of meeting them at the storage unit--there's another story in that, the storage facility--i was fine with waiting a bit longer. after all, i'd had the items there since august without trying to move them. another week or two was not an issue. . .only the impending date of november 1, when i had to be out of the unit. the next part came with the pickup of the goods, arranging to meet my contact people--or at least one of them--and renegotiating the time of the delivery, which was to be three days after loading. they contacted me to let me know they'd picked up everything and been thoroughlly surveilled by the storage complex "wardens"--something i'd noticed when moving my things into the space. we were equally amused by the golf cart traffic passing by watching either the loading or unloading processes. just as promised, wednesday night was delivery night and we'd all agreed that a late arrival was no imposition on either part. as it turns out, all of us are late night people, and my new neighborhood, while inside the city limits, has plenty of space between houses and noise is not a problem. (no excessive noise, just the truck and the unloading). i think they arrived at 1am--yes, there was an offer of waiting until the next day, but back to the night-owl part, 1am was fine with me--and we began unloading. on the truck it never looks like that much, but inside the house, cardboard was becoming the major decorator item. we took occasional breaks, finding we had much in common, so i'm sure the transaction took longer than necessary, but was really amazing, entertaining, enlightening, amusing, and fun. i'd call chad and patty back again in a minute, and recommend them to anyone who needed items picked up and deposited anywhere. (even though i was beginning to wonder if ever my things would arrive!) they were apologetic for not getting things picked up and delivered as originally planned, but still (in spite of all the obstacles that they had encountered before this pickup) got everything here in good condition, helped move things from room to room. in addition, we had time for some great conversations and exchanges of ideas. these are great and interesting people and i very much appreciated having the opportunity to meet them. we discussed that position of not knowing on either end about the contents of the spaces, nor if the individuals were trustworthy, which is a content of the work that i make as an artist. so all in all, i've learned many lessons. one is to know what questions to ask, but that your provider can answer the questions. and that i can continue to trust my instincts and know that there are people out there who are trustworthy and honorable and will work with you on a job. and i like knowing that, or even better--since i know that already--that there is evidence. sure i'd use uship again. at least if there are people like this out there--or in particular these people. bowtieguy96--would be my first choice!

- Jj H.
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