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"Exceptional experience moving all my large furniture items + washer/dryer"

shipping from Lakewood, Ohio Berea, Ohio for $274.00

Lakewood, Ohio
Berea, Ohio
1 mi.

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I am a college student and it was time for me to move...again! I have moved approximately five times in the last two years, but this move was different. I now own large furniture and a washer/dryer. With a tight moving budget, I had to figure out how to move all my things. My friend told me about her good experiences with, so I looked into it after I almost fell victim to a craigslist scam! Thankfully, the moment I started working in the uship website, all my experiences changed from awful to relieving and exciting. I wondered if it could be too good to be true, and honestly, I never did know for sure until all my furniture was in my house safely and without blemish (perhaps a few tiny wounds all part of the moving game). What I enjoyed the most about using services is that I could maintain my autonomy. I prefer to do most of my moving and packing myself (any other control monsters out there like me?). I was able to take many car loads of smaller things to my new place, organize and make room for the bigger things that uship would be bringing later. I basically did everything humanly possible to get moved and then uship came to save the day by loading and transporting all my larger items. I had everything in one room waiting for them and I wrapped the things I wanted to protect in 69 cent plastic drop cloths (mattress, couch, leather desk chair, etc.). The things I didn't wrap, they put blankets on to protect anyway! After the movers brought in all my furniture to my new place, I was left with a room full of things that I got to arrange and put in order. They did the part I couldn't and left the fun stuff for me! Although I hope to be living where I am for at least a few years, when the time comes to move again, I am thankful to know exactly where I will go:

- Natalie R.
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