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"My Chev 78 Mailbu"

shipping from Vincennes, Indiana Akeley, Minnesota for $495.00

Vincennes, Indiana
Akeley, Minnesota
835 mi.

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I purchased a 1978 Chev Malibu on Ebay, based on the description of the car it was flawless, big motor which was built. new tires. Interior redone and New Paint. The Ebayer described this car as A one of a kind. After being the Winning bidder I sent off the cashiers check and began to set up the U Ship company to pick up my car. I accepted one of the shippers bids and informed the previous owner that there was a transporter coming for the car. I was then told the engine had a knock and the car was in poor condition and that I would not be happy with the car if it arrived. The owner of hte car stated he would refund my money. Well after 4 weeks I had not recieved my money back, only to find out there was a 3rd party , we will call him Dan . Well was the person who accually owned the car and he had his Brother-inlaw we will call him Greg,sell the Malibu on ebay because Dan had been involved in shill bidding and they suspended his account. Now shill bidding is when a group of friends or relatives bid up the price of there item until it gets to the price they want it and if they play there cards right a sucker like me bids one more time and ends up with the item. (as happened in this case) Back to my story , well dan took my money and greg was left holding the bag. Greg knew it was the right thing to do to refund the money but Dan was not going to have no part of it. A few more weeks went by, no car, no refund, nothing!!! I decided I would have to take the car and deal with it and chaulk it up to a bad experience. I placed a add back on U Ship and excepted a bid from a nice guy who drove to there town and picked up the car and delivered it to me. I felt like a weight was lifted off when the car finnaly was in the transporters trailer. Now my only issue is how bad I was suckered and ripped off. the rear bumper is wired on, the engine is pukeing oil out of everywhere, the transmission is slipping in every gear, the dash area around the stereo is broken out. A BAD DAY!!!!

- Warren S.
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