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"forced move"

shipping from Monterey, California Pine Valley, California for $1,000.00

Monterey, California
Pine Valley, California
474 mi.

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i was forced to move from family home after deaths of mother and sister, with crazy father with dememtia, violent alcholic gambling brother who lost everything due to drug addictions and financial irresponsibility and greed half brother who is upside down in real estate and has a history of drug use, and financial irresponsibility who want to take my share after decades of work for repairs, care, hospices world wide non-profit ministry work while indigent and disable. they could care less about me and my health as i have lived responsibly and done all the work while they step in and the end and consume and take everything laughing without a care ruining sisters memorial. that is why i needed to move the vehicles i have restored over the years and airstream trailer(home) which i want to take green(solar and wind) off the grid to live peacefully, responsibly and free on blm land, parks and forest or on ocean. they hate that i live primitively, want to destroy my lifestyle and force me into their beliefs, consumerism, culture of pollution etc. and wanted to destroy my property and livlihood which is why i had to move on a shoe-string and brad and bpr enterprises saved my life along with partner gwen anderson in san diego. thanks to all a uship for giving me a chance at survival!

- Charles I.
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