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"This shipper is beyond words."

shipping from Hartford, Alabama Dorr, Michigan for $20.99

Hartford, Alabama
Dorr, Michigan
949 mi.

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I was looking for someone to deliver a puppy to a cousin who has brain cancer, and just a few numbered days left on earth. All of the bids were just about money, none about helping thy neighbor. I suddenly get a bid, charging me one dollar. Jeff is a very rare kind of person, along with his cousin whom he brought along on his trip.These two men were not worried about money, but getting this puppy to a man with cancer to make his final days happy.If I could give some kind of award out to a person who does not think about themself I would give it to Jeff and his cousin. With thier help we were able to get the pup delivered just two days before Martin took a turn for the worse.Because greed did not stand in the way, I was able to meet some awesome guys, whom I would highly recommend, and hire again.We live in a world of greed and selvishness, but these two men, showed me that you can still love they neighbor, and ask for nothing in return. Very rare people like them are out there.My cousin Martin has brain cancer, and just two days after getting his pup, he had a heart attack. This set back has put him in great danger, and now it is a matter of time. I will never forget his hearing his voice after getting his puppy the excitement, and life he had. He was so happy, and I can only thank Jeff and Bill for that.These two gave Martin a little bit of life for a couple of days.And for that I will always be greatful. I gained a couple of very true friends, and I thank God for that.Jeff is my hero, for helping me out. Knowing his own father also has cancer and not doing well, he did what he could to help us out. He left his hometown, to help another human being out, when he does not even know them. There are no words to discribe these people and what they have done for my family. I just know they are a true God send. What Jeff and Bill did was a pure gift from the heart. Anita

- whitelion4ever
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