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"Lemons to lemonade"

shipping from Spokane, Washington Ozark, Missouri for $750.00

Spokane, Washington
Ozark, Missouri
1799 mi.

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One thing I never accomplished successfully is to say a firm "no" to my son. When planning my move from WA to MO, I downsized my belongs to what I considered necessary as I was going to be moving in with my daughter. I planned shipping 14 boxes of books USPS which I did, and about 8 boxes of essentials FEDEX, and packing the rest in and on top of my Explorer. This downsizing in my son's eye was unacceptable. "Mom, you need a trailer, I'll find one". Inspite of my protestation I wound up with a trailer and money I didn't want to send. That's when the story really began. My lease ran out 2 months before my move so I moved in with my son and family for that time. Think! What do I need for that time? Think! What sights will I not be able to see because of hauling a trailer? Think! What of this garbage I really don't want do I keep? Pack, unpack, repack and pack again. Mercy! Then there was that 2 5/16 ball which the Explorer would not accommodate, license, taxes, new lights, hours spent trying to make the blasted trailer work with the Explorer. To tell you all in detail would make you cry, or maybe laugh as the case may be. Zero hour for leaving Spokane was 9 AM. At 8:55, I won. The trailer would be left behind. Joy to my heart. You haul it son when you come for Christmas. Oops, 2 weeks later, can't make it for Christmas. Now how on Earth am I going to get the essentials here. Uship!! By this time, I'm broke, or near almost. I waited for bids. Oh man, way too high. Then came along pmcitransport. I explained by email my xx$ amount, not caring when pickup or delivery happened as xx$ was the important factor. These gentlemen worked hard on booking loads so as to work my way for my $ bottom line. They even repacked the essentials and the "garbage" into their own equipment, leaving the accursed trailer with my son to sell. GOOD NEWS! I would sell the thing for 2 bucks just to be out from under it. Thank you Uship and Garry and Kelly, you are indeed my only list for shipping.

- Barbara M.
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