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"Gained 260 pounds in 5 days... My 8 Track Recorder"

shipping from Ann Arbor, Michigan Amsterdam, New York for $320.00

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Amsterdam, New York
559 mi.

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So ebay season was in full swing last week, and as usual I had my eye on the pearl of an 8-Track Otari MX-7800(a nice tape recorder for my budget.) On Sunday I made that fateful winning bid and after the joy and obligatory celebration was over, I made that awful realization "Oh crap! How the *@$&! am I gonna get this home!?" Checking with the major shipping companies proved heartwrenching and often confusing. $550 for a shipment? I'll make the trip myself! Thankfully I didn't go with that rationale. Instead I stumbled on uship. "Place your shipment stats in the boxes?" Got it. "Your address?" Easy peasy. "Address of guy sending?" What was that again? Uhh got it! Then I was on my way to the biddings. First guy offered $527 or so. Try harder buddy. Next an offer of $420. Looking good. And then he retracted his bid... WTF!? Before I could warrant another WTF he lowered it to $320. Perfect. Plus his feedbacks looked pretty good. Unfortunately, I forgot to check my emails for 2 days and missed that shipping notice by an hour, but I rerequested and got it. He said his name was Will and he would have my Otari MX-7800 to me in less than 3 days! We exchanged a few phone calls, looking for the man who had my 7800, and like a man on a mission, he was at the address within minutes. As he told me "He's gotta come home some time," I can only assume he had some cool Clint Eastwood comment like "You have to ask yourself, punk, do you feel lucky... you're getting rid of this wasted space?" Quick as a flash of lightning, he was on his way! With the hostage (7800) now freed. The next day, thursday, he was at my door with my new best friend. We talked for a little while and he told me Will treated him well. More helpful yet, Will got out the cart and helped move it into the house. How many shipping companies do that? After talking about the journey, it was time to exchange pay.($280) He said "Just give me $250" I gave $270 and he drove off into the sunset. Uship, you done it again!

- Evan C.
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