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shipping from Hayden, Idaho Raleigh, North Carolina for $1,300.00

Hayden, Idaho
Raleigh, North Carolina
2567 mi.

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As a collector of rare & costly musclecars, the parts can be as valuable.They dont make parts anymore! Even though they may be "ugly" looking or slightly rusty on the surface, these are VALUABLE parts needed for high dollar restorations. I was a little leary using a hauler after having a bad experience using another site where the first person who clicked on the ad "locked" it up.Turns out this person was a MESS, and I had to constantly call him to see why he hadnt showed up for one pickup after another. TWO MONTHS it took to arrive after asking TWICE for money to be wired to him for different reasons. Off schedule & finally arriving here I found his three dogs (yes) had caused considerable damage to a load of old gas and oil signs and items he was supposed to have wrapped and secured. Thrown into the back bed of PU Truck his dogs walked all over the signs with long nails and would dig into the porcelin signs when he braked (for balance). These were over $5,000 in signs and items he caused damage too. LESSON LEARNED! With USHIP its been completly different. I cant tell you how happy my USHIP experience has been! I think the feedback and rating system "weeds" out the bad haulers, and all you have to do is read the feedback and ratings to find a EXCELLENT hauler capable of completing your job. I found one in a young lady by name of SHANNON with X COUNTRY EXPRESS. She communicated EVERY SINGLE night via email and was always available by cell phone. She took the time to ask questions about how I wanted the parts packed, and then took the inititive to secure these parts as good as I would have. Fact is, they made it across the US without a scratch! I cant tell you how happy I am in finding this site!I will go to USHIP first! What a stress free experience knowing your items are being cared for by the most professional haulers in the industry. No more worrying about a pack of dog scratching my valuable items! Thanks USHIP! See you next trip! Jeff H. Raleigh,NC

- Jeff H.
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