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"Excellent Care Taken of Antique Appliance"

shipping from Ellsworth, Kansas Columbus, Ohio for $350.00

Ellsworth, Kansas
Columbus, Ohio
884 mi.

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I searched over four years for a THOR-brand combination dishwasher/clotheswasher unit that Lustron Homes (the worlds most recognized prefabricated house) originally equipped its classic all-steel house with when manufactured in the late 1940s in Columbus, Ohio. The Whitehall Historical Society is reconstructing a Lustron within a mile of the former Lustron factory near Port Columbus International Airport, which will ultimately serve as a Lustron model/showhouse. When the THOR units in these houses needed replacement, they typically went to the junkyard. I knew of only one intact unit that existed - - belonging to the Ohio Historical Society, and not available. A Kansas Lustron owner responded to my recent inquiry about his house by acknowleding that he still had the original THOR at his nearby farm. It'd been sitting outside for some 30 years, but was essentially complete and, though rusted, was restorable. I arranged through U=Ship and its provider, Mr. Duff Campbell, to have it brought to Ohio. The unit now sits in our matching Lustron garage and will be restored for eventual display in our Lustron home. I don't believe thre is another THOR anywhere, even though Lustron equipped over 2,000 of its houses with them. Our house is now a 100% original, and will be a standout when completed. I'm very grateful to the donor, to Mr. Campbell, and to U-Ship for providing such a service.

- Steve M.
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