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"Leary - but now a believer"

shipping from Charleston, West Virginia Youngstown, Ohio for $490.00

Charleston, West Virginia
Youngstown, Ohio
247 mi.

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I was on my way home from South Carolina when my 2001 Passat quit running on 77 north just into West Virgina. To say the least I was pissed, last day of vacation, heading home, needed to be somewhere else the next day. After a call to AAA to tow my car it was first dropped off at a "friend of the towing company" in the smallest of towns (Beaver, WV). The "good ol' boys" were looking over it and asking what kind of engine? Is this a 96? Well, I hopped back on the phone to AAA and got it towed to a Volswagen dealership in South Charelston. Arriving there at 7PM and dropping off my car at the CLOSED service center I stood in the parking lot with my cell and my computer pondering my next plan. Calling a cab to take me to the airport as 4 police cars with lights flashing drove past me and turned down a road I waited to be picked up as there were distant gun shots. As the cab arrived to take me to the rental car location I looked at my desolate car and wondered if it would be there when I returned to pick up the luggage. Well, it was and I loaded the luggage and started my drive home. As I got up on Saturday I sat in my chair in front of my computer and thought - how do I get this hoome now? Everyone wanted 3/4 dollars a mile to tow ROUND TRIP - well that would be a cool $1500 so being a computer consultant I did what I knew i could - turn to the internet to find the solution. Low and behold I found this site "UShip". Still skeptical, but needing to get my car home, I did some research, read some stories and reviews, and then put my car up for bid. Figuring at this point a DEAD car was scrap and scrap is going for about $300 a ton, the car was realy only worth about $500 at this point. After receiving several bids and comparing them, I made my choice and took what I thought was a very SAFE, but still unknown avenue to get my car to me. Well as the story draws to it's conclusion, the car IS back home safe and sound and I couldn't be happier with the service received. Mark

- Mark S.
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