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"Be as Clear as Possible."

shipping from Rutherfordton, North Carolina Pikeville, Kentucky for $130.00

Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Pikeville, Kentucky
240 mi.

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Uship will continue to save us all money. This system is so needed in filling a critical niche in today's market(s). Uship is a one great example of reasonable and simple solultions to complex and previously unmet needs in the marketplace, and our world. Uship has established a unique position in today's atmosphere of rising costs in fuel and labor. Uship's presence will do more than fill certain needs, it can also serve as a model in which designing and offering helpful community-based systems will provide us all through the simplicity principal: Bringing about efficient solutins to our needs by simply finding the best solutions by investing the least amount of work and expense. Most individuals and 'small' businesses don't have the shipping power to secure cost-effective shipping contracts with freight-forwarding companies. Uship comes to the rescue with a fill-the-gaping-gap solution which helps consumers move their purchases for less and sellers continue to do competitve business. I am finding, however, that a U-ship shipper must consider hiself as a primary overseer of said shipment. One DOES have to be remain present and active in their shipment. Uship is NOT a fire-and-forget system. It may work out that way at times, but all shippers must remain aware that it is better to err in the direction of too much presence (over-communicating) in their shipment, as opposed to not enough communication. I have learned (and am learning) to be clear about: > Terms of payment. > Clear parameters of pickup and delivery. > Overcommunicate about needs for the shippment medium. (trailer, van, loading and unloading). > Clear parameters in timing. I am confident there are many more things to be added to this list. Grace and peace to all who seek it with all their heart. --Tom

- Thomas C.
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