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"Every man should have a tractor!"

shipping from Ojai, California Franklinton, Louisiana for $1,649.00

Ojai, California
Franklinton, Louisiana
1980 mi.

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My first tractor and implements had to be shipped from California to Louisiana. My wife bought me this new toy for Christmas, believe it or not. We looked at different ways to move it across country. I priced a trailer to tow it with our family van. The tow limit was 3500 pounds and the tactor would have been 500 pounds over the vans allowable maximum. The complete package, to purchase the trailer, would have been $2500.00 plus the wear and tear on our van. U Haul wanted $1800.00 to rent an enclosed trailer, open trailers are rented for rountrip only. To rent a suitable truck at U haul would have been over $3000.00 plus gas. We stumbled on uShip on the internet by Googling "Tractor shipping". We ended up with numerous inquiries from trucking firms and ended up with 3 bidders. We had a 4th bid from a non uShip trucking company. That company was not competitive, almost $600.00 over our final price. Our final cost was comfortably less than any of the above! We communicated with the 3 companies vie email to finalize all the details i.e. shipping and receiving dates, flexibility, timelines, etc., before they bid, to make sure it would work. I was impressed on how we "hammered" this out. There seemed to be people from the truck companies that worked late hours to see this through. We did not have to wait long for responses, which was good because we were on a tight schedule. ranger5183 came out on top during the bidding process. They were right in the middle price wise. Jeff, the owner, communicated well. Al, the driver was very professional. We met him in Louisiana for the delivery, he lived in the area, and it couldn't have worked out any better. A minor glitch, we had to wait an extra day for the pickup in California because Al was unable to unload another shipment as he expected. All of this actiity took place over the Christmas holidays and New Years so it was a tough assignment. I would definitey work with ranger5183 again, GOOD JOB!

- Mike B.