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"Very Happy"

shipping from Groom, Texas El Paso, Texas for $700.00

Groom, Texas
El Paso, Texas
471 mi.

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While living in Groom Texas my husband had aquired a new special construction cycle. The time came for us to move back to El Paso because he was coming home from Iraq. I was working with a shipping company to get my husband's new motorcycle and his Bronco back home to El Paso to be here and waiting for his return. I waited and waited and they would not give me a ship date. I waited for about 3 weeks. So finally I did a search for motorcycle shippers and came across At this point I just wanted his motorcycle home, we could go get the Bronco at a later time, so I advertise the cycle. I sent requests to a few people but they all declinded for various reasons. I was feeling very hopeless. Then Marcos emailed me and said he would be going by Groom and he would be more than happy to swing by and pick up the cycle, and he'd do it for the price the other place had quoted me. I was so happy. So in our emails I mentioned the Bronco and he said he would even bring that for me. Wow, so much stress relieved. So we plan a pick up and drop off time and I pay my fees. The first transaction goes through splendidly, but the second, well, my bank said it looked like a fraudulant charge so they put a hold on my card, but the money was taken out of my acount. Frustrated I tell him to run it through again, declined again for the wrong address. I had just moved so they still had my old address even though I had submitted the change. Now because of the hold we have to wait 3 business days before the funds become available. And Marcos is very patient through this all. 3 days go by, so I call my bank, verify the address on the card then call Marcos and give him the information the bank gave me. Again declined. Now I am very angry and can only imagine what Marcos is thinking. He is still very patient and is still willing to work with me. He picks up my vehicles, brings them home to me in excellent condition and accepts cash. It all ended very well, thank you Marcos.

- Lorrianne H.
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